Stcktal® is an ecological product produced from components of natural origin. DOES NOT CONTAIN PESTICIDES.



At temperature
from 5 to 30 ° C.
Protect from frost and direct sunlight!


Sticktal® seals all types of external wounds on fruit, forest and park trees and ornamental shrubs. It blocks the access of insects and pathogens to the injured areas. It aids the faster and better wound healing. Ecological product free of pesticides.


Sticktal® is used to protect wounds inflicted on tree species by pruning, grafting, frost, hail, rodent damage, etc. Sticktal® is suitable for use in fruit and park trees, as well as in forest species and ornamental shrubs.


Balanced composition of rosin, paraffin, mineral oil, essential oil and other components of natural origin.


Sticktal® is a product with a pasty texture allowing easy and convenient application with a spatula onto the injured plant tissues.  The elastic 2-3 mm thick layer seals the wounds and stops the penetration of moisture, pathogens and insects in these areas.

The adhesive ointment remains intact for a long time, after which during the healing process it gradually tears and the tissue regains its original integrity.

Sticktal® retains its working viscosity even at higher temperatures (does not liquefy), which allows application both during dormancy and vegetation of the trees.


Sticktal® does not contain toxic substances, which makes it completely safe for the environment and the people working with it.

Sticktal® is registered and authorized for use by the Ministry of Health with Protocol (letter) No. 47-22-XT 308.

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