Si Protect


STORAGE: At temperature – from 5 to 30°С.
Protect from frost and
direct sunlight!


Silicon dioxide (SiO2)

20,5 %

Potassium oxide (K2O)

9,5 %

Copper (Cu)

0,3 %


Density 1,35 kg/L; pH 11,3±0.2


Vatral® Si Protect can be mixed with plant protection products after testing the compatibility in small amounts. Vatral® Si Protect must not be mixed with highly alkaline products (рН ≤ 6).


Foliar:  0,5 % (50 mL/10 L water) for:

Vegetables (tomato, pepper, cucumber, legumes and leaf vegetables): After transplanting or germination, twice in 10-14 days

Fruits and berries: twice, after blooming and during fruit setting

Potato: Twice, before blooming and during tuber growth

Cereals: Beginning of tillering

Corn: 6-8 leaf phase

Do not use during blooming

Soil:    800 -1000 mL/dca.


Vatral® Si Protect is a liquid fertilizer with predominant silicon and calcium content. It is intended for a wide range of crops in the initial stages of their development, as well as those in the period with the highest metabolic activity. Vatral® Si Protect enhances the resistance of the plants in unfavourable abiotic environment, stimulates the process of photosynthesis, synthesis of endogenous phytohormones (gibberellins, cytokinins), the activity of respiratory enzymes (peroxidase), etc.

Plants absorb silicon in amounts equivalent to or higher than those of the basic macronutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N, P, K). Once in the plant, silicon is deposited between the cuticle and the cell wall, as well as between the cell wall and the cell membrane. The layers of amorphous silicon act as a physical barrier against: drought stress (optimizes the transpiration process), salinity stress (inhibits Na uptake), attack by insect pests, fungal and bacterial pathogens. Vatral® Si Protect provides control over the mobility of heavy metals in the soil-plant system, reducing their accumulation in the reproductive organs. Vatral® Si Protect activates the protective reactions of the plants, increases their strength, reduces the use of pesticides ensuring high yield and quality of production.

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